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Welcome to the Brain Bank for Autism & Related Developmental Research

Lorna Wing talks about the work of Brain Bank for Autism

Meet the people involved in the research programme to help discover the causes of autism

Steven Chance introduces the Brain Bank for Autism

Finding the cause of autism spectrum disorders is a challenge and Dr Steven Chance explains the importance of using donated brain tissue to help us understand why autism develops.

Autism and the Brain - what can we learn?

There are recognised behavioural traits associated with autism. Dr Steven Chance and his researchers demonstrate how the team uses donated brain tissue to help us understand the origins of these traits and why they develop.

Liz and Mike fondly remember their son Jamie

Watch Liz and Mike's interview where they explain why they chose to donate Jamie's brain to the Brain Bank for Autism

Emily talks about her grandson 'Duke'

Watch the touching interview with Emily where she explains why she chose to support the Brain Bank for Autism

More about Jamie

Find out why Jamie decided to donate his brain to the Brain Bank for Autism.

More about Duke

Hear Duke's grandmother explain about her life with her beloved grandson

The precious gift made by each donor when they donate their brain for research, together with the support of their families, are the foundations of all our research. Read more.

Understanding the human brain

Finding the causes of a wide variety of disorders and conditions and better interventions for people affected by them is a concern for us all. Yet few realise this cannot be achieved without using human tissue. The complexity of the human brain cannot be replicated by test-tube systems.

Unravelling The Mysteries Of Autism

Research is needed to understand the causes and biological basis of autism. The developing brain is altered in autism but scientists do not know how or why. Such critical research is hindered by the scarcity of human brain tissue. By increasing the amount of brain tissue available for research, we increase scientists' ability to find answers -which could lead to the development of better interventions to improve the quality of life of those affected by autism.

The NHS organ donation scheme does not include brain donation. If you want to support research into autism by making a pledge to donate your brain, you would need to register separately with us.

Our urgent mission is to facilitate brain research and quicken the pace of discovery.

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Autism and the brain: what can we learn?
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Autism and the brain: what can we learn?
Part 2

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