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Governance of Brain Bank for Autism

Research by Brain Bank for Autism


The Brain Bank for Autism operates in accordance with all UK legal and ethical requirements.

The principle aim of the brain bank is to encourage and facilitate brain tissue donation for use in the best scientific studies to better understand the biological basis of autism down to the cellular and molecular levels and through that understanding bring about the development of effective interventions for those affected by autism spectrum disorders. 

Quality research depends on decisions about the best use of the precious tissue that is donated. Decisions on the scientific merit of research proposals and the distribution of brain material to researchers are made by the Tissue Advisory Board which has been set up by the US Autism Tissue Program. It is comprised of leading experts in the neuroscience community. These experts have established commitment to scientific inquiry and demonstrated expertise in studies of the brain and brain tissue such as molecular genetics, neuroanatomy, neuropathology, neuroimmunology, neuroimaging and pharmacogenetics.

The Tissue Advisory Board monitors progress of approved projects and make recommendations for future key areas of research. It also makes recommendations on optimal brain with recovery, storage and tissue processing protocols. To ensure the best co-ordinated of the use of brain tissue, the UK Brain Bank for Autism works in collaboration with the Autism Tissue Programme in the US and shares the same Tissue Advisory board. 

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